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Sling Guide

This information is for guidance only to assist carers to select the most appropriate type of sling for a client. It should not be used as a definitive guide and it is imperative that each person and each situation be individually risk assessed according to your company's moving and handling training. To watch the Bed to Chair video please click here


Sling Types

Many slings are similar in design and name and we list below some of the most commonly used:
All slings listed below have LOOP attachments - some versions of the Pro-Med hoist for instance require clips.  Some slings are available with clips, please contact us on for further information.


Quickfit sling

Known as:    Quickfit        Fastfit         Supreme Fit      Universal

Suitable for Oxford, Diana and most hoists that use a two hook, "coathanger-style spreader bar.
Can be available in polyester for general purpose transfers or in mesh/net material for bathing purposes.
This is a general purpose and bathing sling designed to transfer clients from bed to chair, floor to bed, chair to bath.

Suitable for clients with limited back support ability

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL


Quickfit Deluxe Sling

Known as    Quickfit Deluxe      Fastfit Deluxe      Supreme Fit Deluxe

Suitable for Oxford, Diana and most hoists that use a two hook, "coat hanger style" spreader bar.
Can be available in polyester for general purpose transfers or in mesh/net material for bathing purposes.
Has the addition of leg supports which can be plain or padded in polyester or mesh and used as extra support in the hammock position or as additional leg supports.

This sling can be used for amputees following individual risk assessments.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL


Toileting Sling

Known as    Toileting Slings       Dress Slings      Access Slings

Depending on the manufacturer, can be made in polyester or mesh.
This is NOT a general purpose transfer sling and should only be used for toileting purposes.
These slings should NEVER be used for bathing purposes.
Clients must be able to maintain a sitting position to use this sling - it is essential that risk assessments are carried out as using this sling on the wrong client could have dangerous consequences.
Depending on manufacturer front fastening strap can have velcro and/or clip support for additional security.

Available in sizes, S, M, L, XL


Hammock Sling

Known as   Long Seat Slings      Hammock Slings

Large rectangular sling most commonly used for amputees.
General purpose transfer sling for moving and bathing.
Must be put on or removed when client is in lying position.
Can be supplied with commode aperture for toileting purposes.


Standing Sling

Known as  Standing Slings      Back Belts        Corset Slings        Standing Straps

Suitable for Oxford, Pro Med, Huntleigh HS150 and other standaids with loop type fastenings - subject to individual risk assessments.
Suitable for clients who have a greater degree of weight bearing and need assistance in standing.
Has an adjustable Velcro and/or clip waist strap.

Available either in one-size or in S, M or L depending on manufacturer


Transporter Sling 

Known as  Standing Transfer Slings      Transporting Slings

Suitable for use with Oxford, ProMed and Huntleigh HS150 standaids and other standaids with loop type fastenings.
This sling can be used with clients who have a lesser degree of weight bearing ability.
Can be used for toileting purposes but as with all slings it is imperative that individual risk assessments are carried out to ensure safety when using.
Clients must still be able to weight bear but this sling has leg straps for additional support.

Available in S, M, L or XL depending on manufacturer



Sling Features

Each sling has markers on the reverse assisting the carer to identify correct positioning each time it is fitted.

Polyester slings are durable, soft and comfortable, padding can provide additional comfort and most webbing straps have covered ends to protect client's skin. With the more modern polyester, these can also be used for bathing.

Mesh slings are ideal in wet environments, as drying time is minimal.

Parasilk slings can enable clients to sit down for long periods of time without the sling having to be removed until the client needs to be transferred to another area.

Each sling has fixed webbing handles to ensure movement is effected smoothly for the client and easily for the carer.
Whether mesh or polyester, the material colour is designed so that contamination is easily recognized.
Slings are washable according to washing instructions on each individual sling.

Sling And Hoist Safe Working Limits

When using slings that have a safe working limit different from that of the hoist being used, it is important to take the lower rating of either the sling or the hoist as the safe working limit of both.

Slings From Different Manufacturers

With the large number of slings available from several manufacturers, it is possible for slings to be used on various hoists, in particular the hoists with the 2 hook coat hanger style spreader bar that use slings with loops. However, this is not always the case and the decision to use a different sling should always be made by a competent person.

Each manufacturer has colour coded either the sling material or the edging to easily recognise the size of the sling. Unfortunately, each manufacturer uses a different colour to denote the same sizes.  Therefore, it is extremely important that the sling be replaced when the sling label is missing or is no longer legible.

It is very important to use a correctly sized sling for each client. For the client this will provide a safe, comfortable and dignified transfer and for the carer, the confidence that the procedure has been carried out in the most effective manner possible.  Please see sling size guide to aid your selection of slings.



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